Case Study : Nike 's Global Supply Chain

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Case: Nike’s global supply chain
Proposed title: The global fashion industry’s perpetual engagement in sweatshop labor for profit maximization and its effect on human rights: a case study of Nike
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly becoming a fundamental piece of the corporate world. It has been noted that the role of business is shifting and the expectations of the general public towards role of businesses has shifted. This is because some businesses are more powerful than states in terms of financial power and the activities of businesses are now pervasive affecting our lives in many ways. This essay seeks to study the challenges faced by Nike in relation to CSR. It attempts to uncover a response to the inquiry, whether Nike’s CSR is sufficiently exercised? And if it is, whether it is based on an ethical or business case approach?
To assist in the discussion, the essay starts by laying a background by briefly discussing the theoretical importance of CSR. Second, it provides a brief discussion of Nike as an association. Third, it digs into the understanding of CSR as an issue in Nike and its significance, what steps Nike has taken to improve on these issues, its effect on other parties, and the regulatory measures that bear on the issue. Lastly, the essay discusses the best course of action, and, how such call for action should be justified.
2.0.1 WHAT IS CSR?
Corporate social responsibility also known as…
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