Case Study : Nissan Motors And The Japanese Automotive Industry At The Timeghosn

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This report is based on the business analysis conducted of the Nissan Motors and the Japanese automotive industry at the timeGhosn was appointed as CEO in 1999. The analysis of the strengths and weaknesses along with the opportunities and threats to the company are evaluated and it is presented using the SWOT framework. SWOT framework is mainly used for the assessment of the Micro environment of any company and hence it is very useful here. Apart from this assessment, how this company how managed its weaknesses in order to compete in the market is also considered in this report based on its importance in the business analysis. Evaluation of the business objective new vision and mission that Ghosn set for company and how these are incorporated in the business profile is also included in this report.
Business Analysis using SWOT Framework: In 1999, Renault purchased a controlling enthusiasm for Nissan at 44% of the shares. This merger brought up a few issues about the two organizations from diverse nations and their routines for assembling and business hones by they way they could exist together and benefit from each other. Presently, the merger has turned out to be the "best association in the worldwide auto industry" (Nissan News, 2005).there have been a few troubles along the method for production line shutting and disposal of redundancies however in general, Nissan and Renault have enhanced their remaining in the commercial center and have
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