Case Study : Noel Electrical Supply Company

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1. Our business name is Noel Electrical Supply Company and my partners a Van Edwards and my parents. To start our business, we would need $70 580. The start up costs include rent, insurance, permits, supplies, systems, and inventory.
2.There are many finance options available to new business owner’s. However, the best financing options available to me are:
• Grants: Since we are starting a small business, we can apply for government grants such as the "Canada Job Grant, which provides up to $10 000 for training new employees.

• Loan: To finance our business we will apply for loans from banks and credit unions using our parents as co-signers. If, however this plan does not work we can apply for loan guarantees from the government to get financing from cautious lenders.
Noel Electrical Supply Company Executive Summary
Noel Electrical Supply Company is an electrical supply warehouse located in Concord, Ontario in a prime industrial location, with easy access to electrical contractors and journeyman/women electricians. As one of many electrical supply stores in the area, our mission is to provide the dependable customer service, competitive prices, and unmatched product reliability.
We plan on opening new stores when we become profitable after a few years of operation. We plan to provide substantial discounts in the first year of exploitation to move inventory and attract new contractors to our business. In doing so, we will establish a loyal customer base within this…

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