Case Study : Northrop Grumman 's Internship Program

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Northrop Grumman is a prestigious company with a long and prominent history. Northrop Grumman has one of the best internship programs. The goal of Northrop Grumman’s internship program is to help their interns understand the culture, operations and work environment of the company. By attending conference calls, meetings, networking events and tour guides, I was able to familiarize myself with the functional areas and departments of Northrop Grumman. The networking events gave me a chance to meet many interns, employees, directors and leaders of the company.
This internship experience has enhanced my personal development such as my communication skills, organizational skills, and time management. My communication skills have improved
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It really felt like a cohesive family oriented atmosphere. Honestly, I have never been apart of a company where most of its employees speak on how great the company is. The employees seem very genuine about their love for the company and it showed in there enthusiasm. It is good knowing that a company really cares for their employees and vise versa. Many employees spoke highly on their experience at Northrop Grumman and expressed their thoughts on why Northrop Grumman is a great company.
Throughout my internship, most of my assignments were done using excel. I assisted my team in configuration management. I constantly created pivot tables, charts, and used formulas and vlookups. I also used password protection to secure the data in each spreadsheet.
Below is a list of the things I worked on.
• Financial Statements - (Balance Sheet and Income Statements and Cash Flow Analysis)
• Keyline Metrics and Bridging
• AOP Reports
• Forecast Review Packages
• Sensitivities
• Preliminary Calendar
• Metric Targets
• Program Performance Adjustment
• Unallowable

Description of Assignments:
When it comes to Financial Planning, financial statements are one of the most important statements you need. A Balance Sheet is the financial statement that reports Northrop Grumman’s financial condition at a specific time. The balance sheet shows a balance between Northrop Grumman’s assets

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