Case Study : Nursing Home Nightmares

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SUMMARY: Title of BooK: NURSING Home Nightmares (Abuse, Neglect, Forgotten)
Author: Dr Glenn Mollette
Published by: GMA Publishing, Newburgh, Indiana, 2001

The author is narrating the problems he faced seeking healthcare for his wife Karen who was suffering from multiple sclerosis disease. He calls the problems nightmares especially at Nursing home called Anglican River Nursing Home.
Karen has been ill with multiple sclerosis disease and has been going to hospital now and then for a long time with frequent short admissions. The author and some church members used to take care of her at her home.
One day she was observed struggling to breathe. The author discovered that Karen had a bottle of tablets when he removed the bed covers. She had taken an overdose in an attempt to commit suicide. She was taken to Deacon’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit to pump out the stomach contents and also to neutralise the effect of the overdose. Karen had declared that she never wanted to go to the hospital should her condition gets worse. When Karen was now aware where she was, she complained to the author who apologised and said he would not let her pass on when he can do something about it. From Intensive Care Unit she was transferred to a private ward for recuperating.
Issues began to surface as to the care of Karen. She now needed a care home. Her legs were…

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