Case Study : Nursing Interview With Vicky

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Nursing Interview with Vicky For this interview I had the opportunity to speak to Vicky Ronald, RN, BSN, OCN. She has been working as a nurse for 20 years now and stated that she loves what she does because it is a gift and a blessing to contribute in healing patients. This interview is a brief history and description of how Vicky made it to the top of the Nursing ladder, her roles, past experience and how she integrates HIPAA to maintain patient confidentiality. Vicky Ronald was born and raised in Lubbock, TX. She believes that she was born to be a nurse; this explains why she knew at the age of seven that she wanted to become a nurse or a doctor. Also, when her third grade teacher asked her what she wanted to be, she said “a nurse.” Throughout high school, Vicky began volunteering as a “candy stripper” in a small hospital in Lubbock. Since the hospital was small, every staff knew her, and that gave her the opportunity to learn more and be prepared for the future. Once she turned sixteen, she was hired at the hospital as a laboratory assistant. Once in a while, she also worked as nurse aid and waitress at the hospital. She continued working for this hospital even when she began college. She went to South Plains College and completed most of her prerequisites for RN. Vicky did not complete the prerequisites because she got married and moved to California; she took off school for a year. During her college year off, she worked as a cashier at a military training facility.

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