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UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND FINANCE ACADEMIC YEAR 2011/2012 Jan 2012 TRIMESTER UBMM2023 ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR TUTORIAL QUESTIONS Tutorial 1 1. Ice-breaking session. 2. Self introduction by tutor and students. 3. Briefing on unit plan and assignments 4. Tutorial expectation and student’s participation 5. Team formation for group assignment. (approximately 5-6 members per group) 6. Explain the term Organizational Behavior (OB). Tutorial 2 1. Why do managers need to study Organisational Behaviour (OB)? 2. The changing workforce is one of the emerging trends in organizational behavior. Describe how the workforce is changing…show more content…
Something was not right. John Breckenridge opened his eyes, saw the nurse's face, and closed them once more. Cobwebs slowly cleared from his brain as he woke up from the operation. He felt a hard tube in his nostril, and he tried to lift his hand to pull it out, but it was strapped down to the bed. John tried to speak but could make only a croaking sound. Nurse Thompson spoke soothingly, "Just try to relax, Mr. Breckenridge. You had a heart attack and emergency surgery, but you're going to be OK." Heart attack? How did I get here? As the anesthesia wore off and the pain set in, John began to recall the events of the past year; and with the memories came another sort of pain—that of remembering a life where success was measured in hours worked and things accomplished, but which of late had not measured up. John recalled his years in college, where getting good grades had been important, but not so much as his newly developing love for Karen, the girl with auburn hair who got her nursing degree the same year as he graduated with a degree in software engineering. They married the summer after graduation and moved from their sleepy university town in Indiana to Aspen, Colorado. There John got a job with a new software company while Karen worked evenings as a nurse. Although they didn't see much of each other during the week,

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