Case Study Of 5S Kayazten Total Quality Management

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5S KAIZEN TQM failure reasons are a considerable issue and have to be studied in depth. It has to be discussed and analyzed among healthcare managers in order to know what to expect but mostly know what to avoid. A well-prepared manager can perform his/her management skills in a better and more efficient way if he/she knows the most common failure reasons. This study can help healthcare managers to study each failure reason separately and precede to appropriate actions in order to avoid possible 5S KAIZEN TQM failure.
According to the literature, 5S KAIZEN Total Quality Management (TQM) has an increased number of successful implementation in Tanzania through the last years. Most of studies in TQM concern successful implementation in hospitals,
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Facts and data used for TQM implementation must be accurate, reliable and always on time. The results from quality tools and techniques have to be valid as well as consistent. Therefore, 5S KAIZEN TQM tools and techniques have to be used efficiently by trained in data analysis employee. Invalid data leads to wrong decision-making and wrong solution to problems.

6.2.7. Cost of investment Due to limited resources and budget; healthcare organizations have to choose the most appropriate way to use them in order to have return. Most of the times, healthcare organizations prefer to invest on a direct return investment instead of long term return investment.
5S KAIZEN TQM implementation advantage is cost reduction, but most of healthcare managers prefer instant return of investment. Most of the times information technology or even medical equipment is the preferred investment option instead of TQM approach.

6.2.8. Management’s resistance to empower employees
Due to daily work pressure and high patients’ demand, management resists taking away employees from direct care work for training or participating to quality teams. In this case, management prefers to accomplish short term instead of long-term goals. Taking employees away from direct care work may create new obstacles into daily procedures. Consequently management has to understand that those obstacles are temporarily regarding TQM’s long-term
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