Case Study Of A Disorderly Patient In A Hospital

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On Friday 06/10/2016 at approximately 2007 hours, Security Officers Omar Alonso (420) and Michael Chin (223) along with Supervisor Steven Evans (407), were dispatched for a (53D) Disorderly Patient in Medical Unit, room #2139. Security staff arrived at 2008 hours and made contact with RN Andres Flores, who stated the patient, Janet Riggs (DOB: 8/21/1965) had gotten out of bed and attempted to leave. Mrs. Riggs is an Altered Mental Status (AMS) patient and had been very combative with medical staff and family members. She had attempted early in the day to injure herself and bite medical staff. Security conferred with nursing staff and it was decided that the patient would be placed in 4 points restraints to stop her from harming herself and
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