Case Study Of A Sales Manager

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The report describes the skills and ability possessed by a sales manager in a rebuttable company in delivering an astonishing service which helps the company to achieve a desirable goal. It is my dream to be one of the best sales mangers across the globe to work with a notable company, however to attain this desire, I interviewed one of the top sales managers in other to ascertain the ideal negotiation skills, intercultural communication competence and cultural sensitivity that are needed at that work place in other to attain success. The sales manager has been working as a sales person for the past twelve years and has won three yearly-organised best worker awards at his firm.
2.0 Background of the case study
The growing managerial importance of sales strategy has generated a great deal of research on how sales managers promote the products and services of a company which affects profitability (Loudon and Bitta, 2002). Consequently, mangers of organisations
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A sale manager or leader who possess all these skills can help its organisation to achieve profitability, motivate the sales team and also ensure customer satisfaction. Interestingly, despite the skills and abilities possessed by sales leaders, most large organizations make it difficult for these leaders to make a difference. They burden sales leaders with support people who complicate decision making, put up road blocks and prevent innovation. In fact, the decision-making power turn shifts from these manager/leaders to support positions that have little contact with the customers. These and other challenges also pose as hindrance to the successful execution of the duties of a sales
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