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AdCombo and the New face of CPA Marketing

Since the dawn of affiliate marketing, advertisers and publishers have been looking to find the right balance between quality links and higher payouts. Advertisers want to make sure they only attract the right crowd to increase their conversion rate and publishers want to make sure they get paid their worth while still maintaining the integrity of their website/blog/media channel.

This need to find the right match is what gave rise to the popularity of affiliate networks. Think of affiliate networks as matchmakers; they match advertisers with the right publishers, they mediate all proceedings between the two parties, they make sure both parties are getting what they came for, and they strive to
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But just to give you an idea of the parameters we used to judge the company here is a snapshot of our thoughts:
What we liked about the company: The COD model is a new tangent we liked exploring, the customer service is great, greater access to niche markets is an added advantage.
What we didn’t like about the company: They don’t cover tier 1 regions which makes sense considering their approach to tap into the lesser explored tier 2 and 3 regions but this also limits their reach and variety in offers.

AdCombo for Publishers

Getting down to the meat of the topic, let’s dive into how AdCombo works for publishers and if it lives up to its promises or not.

The landing
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Every member is assigned to a specific dedicated affiliate manager who handles everything from approving your profile to managing it. Once you become a member getting in touch with the team only gets easier. You can use a live chat box on your dashboard to get your query answered immediately. The staff is pleasant, helpful, and prompt.

Cons of using AdCombo for Publishers:

No Global Campaigns: The AdCombo platform doesn’t allow you to run global campaigns because it has restricted its market to a single tier. While this works as a niche marketing concept, it also limits your reach as a publisher. Also, niche markets have remained untapped for so long because affiliate marketing is a relatively new concept in these areas, so gearing traction and converting traffic isn’t as easy.

The website is too simplistic: Publishers like to make informed decisions. So while a simple and slightly vague website may attract them the lack of information is likely to put them off. The company blog is done well is updated with relevant information regularly but the website itself offers little in terms of real information like how the platform works, what markets it caters to, what parameters will a publisher be judged on and

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