Case Study Of Alpha Ltd

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Marketing mix is one of the basic and the very important part of marketing plan. It includes all the elements that are important for an organization from manufacturing to sale of the product. It can be considered as the set of marketing tools that blends together to generate a marketing response in the market. Every organization uses this tool to make its marketing plan. Primarily it consists of 4P’s, but now it is extended to 7P’s of marketing. (Jain, 2013)
Product: This is the most important thing in the mix, the physical product or the service that the entity is offering for sale to the public. Alpha ltd will need to market this to the customers by telling them the unique features and benefits the product has to offer as Alpha ltd did
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Online marketing makes it cheaper to conduct promotions and reach as many people as possible. Alpha ltd mostly uses brand ambassadors for the products and also promotes in motoracing.
People: In order for any marketing activity to be effective, to will need to train and motivate the people to do their job. The people that delivers the product or service and those that come in between the customer and the manufacturer needs to know their job for the strategy to work. People may also refer to the customers who will need to buy Alpha ltd products, they are very important to be considered in the development of Alpha ltd marketing strategy. Alpha ltd trained their people on routine intervals so they can get the best out of them.
Process: Customer satisfaction is one of the most important roles of marketing. If Alpha ltd can follow the process of delivering high quality service or products to the customers, their marketing efforts will never be wasted. As Alpha ltd did uses the process and deliver the right product on right
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Marketing plan involves the strategies like pricing strategies, promotional strategies, distribution strategies etc. Pricing strategies determines the criteria that are followed in calculating the price of the product. Distribution strategies deals with the method used to distribute the products to the market. (Russell, 2010)
For Alpha trading ltd, an effective marketing strategy can serve as a crucial road map for the entire business. By developing and establishing a coherent and well considered marketing strategy, Alpha ltd can promote their business, court the right types of client and allocate their resources correctly, all while safeguarding the reputation of the business.
As such, effective marketing strategies are comprised of numerous facts that Alpha ltd must consider at all times. Shareholder value, reputational risk and the impact of digital technology are three of the most important considerations Alpha must take into account while attempting to market their services to the right
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