Case Study Of Angry Birds And Zeo

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In this assignment I would be discussing a case study Angry birds and Zeo which is about the production of angry bird and where it originated from. The popular mobile game was invented by Three finish students .The case study ask personal opinions about the production and the perseverance of the angry birds team. I will be defining what an Entrepreneur is, then answering four questions about the Case Study assigned to me and giving my own personal opinion about the journey of Rovio Mobile. I will be evaluating the process of setting up, managing and growing a business I will end with a conclusion.

An entrepreneur “refers to anyone who has responsibility for a firms decisions concerning choice of technology, rates of investment and scrapping, research expenditures etc. The group included he individual owner-manager head manager and individual or groups of corporate officials”( Entrepreneurship 1870-1914 floud and Cosky) .An Entrepreneur is one who organizes
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They won the competition, and at the end of 2003, officially started making games together. The first game in the series was released in 2009 December before Angry birds the company had struggled in realising a successful game Angry birds was the 52nd game they had created. In December 2009 it went straight to number 1 overnight in Finland .People were intrigued by the name and therefore kept purchasing it, by Mid-February Apple featured the game that pushed the games saes making it no 1 in the United Kingdom and United States. In October 2012 12 million copies of the game where sold from App Store the company then decided to realise the game for other touchscreen smartphones like the Androids,Windows Phone PC and Video game

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