Case Study Of Anxiety

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Case study 2
Clara, a 40-year-old client who has been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD).
The aetiology of anxiety can be addressed from several perspectives using various theories. These include genetic, biologic, psychoanalytic, cognitive behaviour, and social-cultural theories (Shives, 2008).

Incidence and Prevalence
In Europe, the median prevalence is 2.3%. Prevalence decreases with age. In general, higher rates of social anxiety disorder are found in females than males in the general population (with odds ratios ranging from 1.5 to 2.2), and the greater difference in prevalence is more pronounced in adolescents and young adults (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Social anxiety affects approximately 13.7% of
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It seems that leaving work to become a stay at home mother has especially contributed to the deterioration of her mental health in recent times. Clara has gone from a job as a paediatric nurse, which involves a large amount of social interaction to virtually no social communication on a daily basis. She lacks support as her husband works long hours and the two “rarely have time together” and she has no friends or family nearby. In order to avoid social contact, Clara has turned to house work in order to occupy herself, but this too seems to have had a negative effect on her mental health. As it is the only occupation Clara seems to carry out she feels an obsessive need to keep on top of her chores and she develops a high anxiety when they are not completed. In social situations Clara suffers from panic attacks so lately she has been doing her best to avoid all forms of social contact. To get a better understanding of what Clara must be feeling I read extracts from a particular book based on social phobia, in one particular part Marshall and Lipsett, 1996 states; “For the socially fearful, each introduction to a new person is a highly charged test situation filled with self-conscious evaluation and
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