Case Study Of Apple Inc

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This report based on the case study 'Apple Inc.'s Corporate Culture: The report is tried to investigate and find out what is good and what is detrimental to the organisational culture in terms of Human Resource strategy and practice in Apple Inc. Though the case study has included wide area of analysis including Apple’s operation, marketing, accounts etc. This theoretical research gives us a reasoned and academically critical analysis as well as provides coherent and justified recommendations for changes to HR strategy and practice in Apple Inc.

Documents : Critical appraisal of the contribution people has made to Apple Inc
Peoples in Apple Inc. have made huge impact and they are the key of company's success. Its CEO Steve Jobs is the person who has been the main figureheads for the company. He was the founder of the company, however after his initial spell with the organisation
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It has successful because hiring innovative people from diverse background, apple was able to incorporate different perspectives and skills and achieve its goal of making the best products on the market.

Issues :
The absence of systematic standard human resource management tools was major problem for Apple. In the absence of well-structured systems and process, the corporate culture became dysfunctional. Many talented people were left Apple, because they did not like Apple's culture. Without systematic HRM strategy which should be aligned with organisational strategy the company will not prosper for long time in the organization.

Lack of proper tools to recognition and appreciation

Case study suggests that employee had to look after their career as organisation has no proper talent tracking system. Management neither care of their employees, nor recognising their hard works. Employees' innovative product ideas have never been accepted by the
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