Case Study Of Archives And Records Management

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ARTICLE: An ‘academic’dilemma: The tale of archives and records management.

In this article had discussed about an issue of archives and records management field to develop as academic research. In the first decade of the 21st century, the archives and records management field had faced the dilemma to choose between profession and an academic discipline. There are mention about changes in archives and records management education and research in UK universities which the story about the building of a new academic discipline. Some new structures was been highlight such as the development of research groups in universities which have both contributed to and responded to the national policy and funding context including the RAE
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As the result, archives and records actually can be both profession and academic research because it gave benefits for graduates after finish their study. This discussion gave significance to archives administration where research activities had become important in archives and records administration until now. This building of academic discipline also had added to some new structures such as development of research group especially in universities environment that had both contributed to and responded to national archives policy and there are also development some research projects which had investigated ways of facilitating research in the discipline and which offer directions for the future in archives and records managements especially in administration fields. Therefore, nowadays archives and records managements fields had development the academic discipline in universities to develop graduates in this fields become more skillful in doing research projects and also can work in a professional domain and can develop research methods and framework for the developing academic
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