Case Study Of Aspirin

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• Aspirin – aspirin can be used to treat pain in dogs. It is generally safe to use and it lessens inflammation and swelling, as well as aids in reducing your dog’s fever, if he has any. It is important to note that aspirin should only be used on a short-period of time as long-term use will lead to the destruction of cartilage and will make joint problems worse. DOSAGE: 5-10mg per pound of your dog’s body weight given twice a day (one dose every 12 hours) DANGEROUS FOR DOGS with:  Bleeding disorders  Internal ulcers or bleeding  Kidney problems  Liver problems  Pregnant dog mothers  Nursing dams  Vitamin K deficiency  Puppies below 8 weeks old  Corticosteroid-taker dogs SIDE EFFECTS: lethargy/weakness, loss of appetite, diarrhea • Tylenol – though…show more content…
These medications can be use if your dog has developed some untoward reactions in using human pain medications. What can you give a dog for pain includes: • Rimadyl – also known as Carprofen, this is actually the first NSAID that was ever made for dogs. Aside from treating pain, it is also use for swelling and stiffness. There is a generic form of Rimadyl which is known as Novox, but is only available in a caplet form. DOSAGE: 2mg per pound of your dog’s body weight given as a single dose SIDE EFFECTS: appetite loss, lethargy/weakness, eye dryness/irritation, signs of internal bleeding (vomiting, pale gums and tongue, and diarrhea), signs of liver problem (increase urination and excessive thirst), and signs of seizures (dizziness, stumbling, paralysis,
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