Case Study Of BP

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5. Case study: BP

BP is one of the biggest energy companies in the world, ranked fifth in IHS’ “Energy50: 2014 Ranking of the World’s Largest Listed Energy Firms” . According to the Guardian , BP, alongside with Exxon, Chevron and others, figures among the companies which are most responsible for climate change since the beginning of the modern era. Ranking third on the Guardian’s list, BP caused alone 2.5% of global warming emissions to date.
Until early 2001, the acronym “BP” stood for “British Petroleum”, but now its meaning has significantly changed in “Beyond Petroleum”; by setting a new slogan and changing its 70-year-old logo, along with a 200M advertising and marketing campaign, BP wanted to radically change its brand image in order to position itself as environmentally-friendly.
In particular, BP replaced its former “Green
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After our analysis, it seems quite clear that greenwashing is a brilliant, elusive communicative strategy: sometimes, for the recipients it is not easy to decide whether what they are reading is just part of a propaganda strategy or not; but, truth is, this happens because more often than not readers do not question themselves about the reliability of what they are reading.
On one hand, after having learned about people’s perception of BP as a “green” company, there is hardly any doubt left that greenwashing is an efficient practice; on the other hand, it surely has its limits. As we have observed, BP has made every endeavour to minimize the environmental consequences of Deepwater Horizon incident (and, similarly, to exalt their recovery efforts and their commitment), but people have not naïvely welcomed the company’s version of events. Each of BP’s efforts has been seen as a clear greenwashing attempt, and the company has been publically accused of it.
At any rate, BP had already won the satirical “Emerald Paintbrush” award in 2008, for its massive, expensive but hardly credible brand restyling and PR

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