Case Study Of Bathe Plus Beauty

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Main Issue
In this marketing plan, the owners of Bathe plus Beauty formulated strategies to gain the market’s attention and eventually be marked as provider of beauty for women. The strategies are carefully prepared according to the marketing mix– Product, Price, Place of distribution, Promotion, People, and Process. The strategies are done to be applicable for three years time for the business. All marketing efforts align with the vision, mission, and objectives of the business.
Sales Projection 2015 TOTAL
Worst Case (in peso) 1,712,130.52
Middle Case (in peso) 3,424,261.03
Best Case (in peso) 5,136,391.55

2016 TOTAL
Worst(in peso) 3,030,278.58
Middle (in peso) 6,060,557.15
Best(in peso)
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This area has a big population of women with the target market of the company. It has projected population of 2,622,575 women. The company has 786,771 potential female customers in this area. And most importantly, has increasing population of online shoppers that the company will market its product to.
• Demographics
Through demographic segmentation, the company segments its market through gender, age and income class. Females who are in age eighteen to forty and in middle income class is the chosen market segment of the company. Females in this age group are mostly conscious of their physical appearance and needs the perfect hygiene product. They are the ones who are willing to try new products until they have their loyalty in one. This will be the segment that the company will fulfill their problems.
• Lifestyles
Through lifestyle segmentation, the company’s chosen market segment are females within the target age group who mostly buys products through online shops and also who are willing to buy in trade fairs and bazaars.

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