Case Study Of Bausch And Lomb

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1.Introduction Today I’m going to write a report about Bausch and Lomb Company and their operation in China. Bausch and Lomb is a best-known medical and ophthalmic instruments company in the world. China became to the fastest developing country from 1978 onwards. This is because China government implemented the ‘reform and opening-up’ policy in 1978. I will write this report to find out how the Bausch and Lomb operates its business in the fast-growing China. This report will help me to have better understanding on Business Administration. I will mainly use PESTEL and Porter’s 5 Forces to elaborate and analysis the effect from the certain country to the company. 2.Company Background Bausch and Lomb is an American company established in Rochester,…show more content…
China is the most populous country in this world with more than 1.35 billion residents. People’s Republic of China is established in 1949 and its economy started to develop from 1978 onwards. Mr.Deng XiaoPing was the president at that time. He and China government implemented the ‘Reform and Opening-up’ or ‘Chinese Economic Reform’ policy to make the trade freedom with foreign countries. This policy ensures the opening of the country to foreign investments and allows entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. The successful of the policy resulted in the immense changes in China’s society and economy. This ensured the reduction of poverty and balance the income among residents. Nowadays, China is a powerful and the fastest developing country in this competitive world. There are large amount of well-build industries and factories. The low price of the workforces and trade freedom also attract many foreign investors. China is an ideal country to develop a business and there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs. The largest population also prove that there are many customers. In addition, their high affordability and purchasing power give more foreign investors confidents to operate businesses in
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