Case Study Of Bellamy's Organic Company

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What consumer thinks about Bellamy’s organic company?
The Australian company Bellamy’s organic formula has huge demand as per various news articles and reports published all over the news. Compared to its competitors, cost of Bellamy’s formula has been reasonable and also known to be the best in quality. These two factors have made Bellamy’s, the most competitive and the largest supplier of baby formula in Australia. There weren’t any allegations against the company regarding the quality of the product supplied, the price at which the product retailed or even the company’s relations with its customers.
Due to the ongoing scarcity for baby formula, there have been several issues the company had to deal with. One of the major concerns is the retailers. Bellamy’s Organic realized that its retailers were making huge profits off the sales of its baby formula. In order to keep the price reachable to common man, Bellamy’s decided to take matters into its own hands. They launched an online retail store from which consumers can order the formula directly and
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They were buying the formula in bulk and carrying it back to China where they could easily it for three times the price they bought it for. This idea was found to be a great business plan and more and more people were travelling on tourist visas and making frequent trips back and forth. Before the government and the company realized it, Bellamy’s Organic baby formula was in huge demand in the grey markets of other countries. As soon as the government and company noticed the situation, several restrictions were imposed on the purchase and transport of the tins along with the passengers. This move by the government received immense criticism from the consumers from other countries while the consumers from Australia welcomed this move as it restricted the formula from moving out of the

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