Case Study Of Beth-El Industries

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Bachelor Thesis

Beth-El Industries

Selena Suparman (12021792)

Student: Selena Suparman
Student number: 12021792
Program: IBMS FT AP
Prepared for: FIP8-Committee
27 May 2015

FIP8 Final Report
Is it viable for Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd. (reaching > +15% within 3 years) to introduce air-filtration systems into the Brazilian luxury automotive security industry?

Sponsor Company: Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd.
Contact person: Mr. Jehudah Fehlauer
Telephone: +972 4 629 999

I hereby certify that I am the sole author of this report. All assistance I have received from outside sources has been documented in the report, as well as, listed after the conclusion under “Works cited.” This report was created exclusively by me, specifically for the course FIP-8.
Signature(s): Date: 27/05/2015
This research was conducted in the context of the FIP-8 course, in the interest of Beth-El Industries. Many companies are
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Through using the ABELL three-dimensional business definition model and a VRIO analysis, it was defined that Beth-El Industries will expand in the direction of customer group and needs, as it switches from military and governmental target groups into the civilian rather commercial sector. Moreover, Beth-El was identified as a hidden champion of the 21st century. Concluding the internal analysis, I outlined the strengths and weaknesses that have been identified in the internal analysis, in an IFAS matrix. Beth-El Industries’ main strengths are their high quality products, the flexibility and customization possibility and their reputation as experts and strong market leader position. Continuous thrive to innovation through competent employees is what marks the company
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