Case Study Of Bharat Forge

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Bharat Forge The manufacturing sector in India has generally been associated with words like clumsy, inefficient, unproductive, dodgy, compromising, etc. There are very few companies in India that have been able to prove that stereotype wrong, and one of them is Bharat Forge. Bharat Forge was founded post independence in 1961. It was a company that aimed at providing auto parts to the domestic market in India. In the beginning it aimed at producing only a certain amount of parts, aimed at satisfaction of the employees rather than the customers but it did provide quality. But as the company grew to become the largest manufacturer its ideals and strategies changed. When the market demand for their product started to grow they…show more content…
They were able to meet and surpass the global standards of quality. The organization focused on technology and skilled labor instead of just labor, and took over companies that had technologies to keep them ahead. Both organizations clearly focused on HR and ensured a smooth transition for the employees. This is evident in the case of Bharath Forge's subsidiary in Lansing, Michigan. Where "Anion Auto Workers" were non-compliant, this was resolved through the construction of clean locker rooms which portrayed that the company cared for the health and safety of the employees. In case of Suzlon where the work force was from over 20 countries the challenge to integrate all these employees to work towards a unified goal this was done through investing in people management and encouraged a free hand towards the operation of the organization while providing a clear direction for Suzlon's vision. 70% of Suzlon's revenue is from operations based abroad, which holds true for Bharat Forge as well*. Although the organizations have similarities they also have differences. Bharath Forge was already into fordging industry. it was leading in the indian market, while suzlon was primarily a a textile
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