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Biotherm's Brand Strategy in Chinese Market Introduction Background: High competition, Biotherm's market performance and sales decline in China, 2016 It's a difficult year for most companies, so as Biotherm, which is one of the most famous French skin care brand. Her market performance became poorer and poorer, due to the heavier competition. Research Question: Is the decline of Biotherm's market performance and sales due to a poor brand strategy or a week brand competitiveness in China? Structure: Literature Review  Brand and branding In the ancient Greece, some signs were engraved on the roadside stone or even the products to show the way to the shop. This premature brand was a kind of introduction and recognition, becoming…show more content…
The cosmetics industry emerges in the last two decades and expanded rapidly in recent years. Cosmetics industry is called "beauty economy" in China, defined by ZHANG Xiaomei, the president of China Beauty Fashion News and a member of the National Committee of CPPCC:"The beauty industry covers salon services offering body or facial treatments, skincare and cosmetics, related research, training classes and development, even plastic surgery... everything and measure that make your appearance more attractive. Cosmetics is a growing and young market in China, compared with United States and Europe. However, it has big potential. In 2015, China cosmetics total consumption achieved more than ¥3300 billion,with 20% year-on-year growth rate. Based on the data in 2014, United States, Japan and South Korea's cosmetics consumption are respective 15 times, 9 times and 7 times. The steady increase of cosmetics consumer population and the upgrade of cosmetics consumption concept contribute to the development of cosmetics…show more content…
Today, L'Oreal has 283 branches and more than 100 agencies, located in more than 150 countries, hiring around 70,000 employees, 42 factories and 23 global brands, and has developed activities in the field of cosmetics, sun protection, make-up, hair care, skin care and perfumes. L'Oreal put its eyes on new market like Asia-Pacific, especially Chinese market. In 1980s, L'Oreal set an agency in Paris, focusing on the research of Chinese market. In 1990s, L'Oreal set Chinese business department in Asia zone, Hong Kong, preparing for the expand of Chinese market. In 1996, L'Oreal entered Chinese market, and built factories in China. In 1997, L'Oreal CHINA took Shanghai office as her headquarter. After nearly 20 years development, L'Oreal CHINA has more than 3000 employees, and entered more than 400 cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and so on. Human

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