Case Study Of Bonner

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Bonner is a 5th year senior. Bonner has seen action in the last 3 seasons, appearing in 28 games with 155 receptions for 1735 yards and 11 touchdowns. Bonner has great speed and athleticism, the only reason I don’t have him as an automatic is he’s size. He appears smaller than 6’0” in person and most likely won’t be able to play on the outside at the NFL level. Bonner is a terrific college receiver with the ability to lineup anywhere on the field. He has great COD and it shows it his routes and he gets out of he’s routes quickly and gets open for he’s quarterback. Bonner has above average hands and has the ability to get yards after the catch with his athleticism. Due to his size, I see Bonner as a late third day pick or UDFA. However,
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