Case Study Of Bundle Of Joy

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SR 1.0 Introduction (1 page) Bundle of Joy is a business selling organic bamboo products catering to infants and toddlers aged 0 to 3 years old. Their online presence has built up since 1 April 2017, and have come to a physical presence on 1 April 2019. Their product categories: clothes, accessories and necessities, have continued to deepen as more designs and product variety have been added to the categories within the 3 years of operation. The collections, which released 3 designs every 3 months, have been changed to release every 2 months in the third year of operation. Through a faster release of new collections, the business was able to capture a larger base of customers as those who look towards new fashion trends for their children look to Bundle of Joy for their purchases. Bundle of Joy has also started fulfilling their corporate social responsibility by giving to the Singapore Children’s Cancer Foundation. By…show more content…
This initiative was implemented by SPRING Singapore in hopes to create a more vibrant retail industry. Retailers in Singapore needs a new direction that will make their business unique through identifying new concepts that they can use. Thus SPRING Singapore and WDA will support the collaboration between Singapore Productivity Centre and Boston Consulting Group whereby they will offer Retail Best Practice Masterclasses. These classes will be practical and it will help companies like Bundle of Joy to create creative and unique concepts. Also, SPRING and WDA will hold classes for omnichannel and digital marketing. These initiatives will help retailers to increase productivity using technology, thus the knowledge learnt from the initiatives would combine with how our business operates to make our business operations unique. As such, it helps us to remain competitive against bigger players and sustain in the market in the long
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