Case Study Of Cafe Maldiviana

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1.3 How the roles and responsibilities relates to the wider organizational context.
Since identifying customers need is a role of marketing of Maldivian. Also it has responsibilities with other departments as well. It is the responsibility of marketing department to identify the needs of the customers through different types of market researching techniques. It can include feedback forms, exhibitions, interviews and different statistical reports also. To carry out marketing function finance plays a crucial role. Customer service department is responsible for catering the needs by giving proper information and quality service that the consumer seeks to receive. For example a cabin crew should be able to cater the needs of a passenger who are travelling. Enhancing employees with the skill which is required to cater the needs of the customers
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Todays world Maldivian are facing relatively high competition from both domestic and international market. A certain international quality standards is being maintained by the competitors. Therefore each and every company is finding new ways to compete it can be both pricing and non-pricing methods as well.
Under this marketing plan of Maldivian , an idea of a marketing plan of “ Café Maldiviana” for 2018 is developed. Application of 7ps’ is applied in context of café maldiviana. There will be a budget allocated for the expected expenses and costs of the café. Moreover the goals of Maldivian is explained and different tactics to achieve the goals is also explained with relation to the idea of café maldiviana. It is very important to monitor the things whether it goes wrong or according to the plan. Like wise a monitoring mechanism of café maldiviana for 2018 is well expressed with regards to the budget control, time bound, marketing calendar and media well as a Gantt chart is made for clear
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