Case Study Of Chick-Fil-A Business

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The current franchise fee for Zaxby’s is $35,000 dollars with an on-going royalty rate of 6%. There is a licensed agreement to become part of the franchise business. The headquarters is set up in Athens, Georgia. Zaxby’s franchise owners travel from all over the world to attend the annual conferences. The conferences offer support, ideas, new strategies, and networking that gives owners the opportunity to meet and learn something new to help the business as a whole. The meetings are designed from the ground up to help owners meet their goals in business. Zaxby’s has a team of advisor’s that travel to different franchises to offer help and support the community and business. Zaxby provides marketing, development assistance, menu development,…show more content…
Chick-fil-a is still a privately owned business that has seen 48 years of consecutive growth. As part of the agreement all Chick-fil-a stores are closed on Sunday. Chick-fil-a has a financial commitment to start of $10,000 for a franchise agreement. Before starting a franchise with Chick-fil-a they requires that the individual be free of any other active business ventures and operate the restaurant full time with hands on requirements to the business. The benefits of joining Chick-fil-a are they provide a strong financial return on investment. They provide a comprehensive training program, personal support, and consulting to ensure the owner is successful in business. Chick-fil-a offers National Conferences, Franchise Expos, Seminars, and Information Sessions for franchise owners to keep them informed on the business. Chick-fil-a is recognized as a trusted brand and offers great-tasting handcrafted products. They provide remarkable quality and customer service to their customer through all franchise owners for the brand. The initial investment show: initial franchise fees of $10,000 dollars, opening investment at $20,000 dollars, equipment rental $750.00 dollars, insurance $125.00 dollars, with additional fees for the first three months of $98,000 to $920,000
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