Case Study Of Criminal Law

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Ans 7: Ans 7(a): In this case study Threat criminal law use in this case. Ans 7(b): In this case study threat criminal law use by Mr. Brando nurse. She use on patient who should not change the dressing and she do not allow to take afternoon tea with his husband in the dressing room At any point in time, certain actions arising from within the public or private sectors of society can vulnerable the interests of the nursing profession. Currently, the profession faces a real danger as more than one boxcars states have introduced civil law that would mandate minimum nurse-to-patient staffing ratios in hospitals. Elsewhere, I discuss the negative economic consequences of regulating nurse staffing, emphasizing the need for plasticity and presenting alternative possibility to nobles require nurse-to-patient staffing ratios in hospitals . Here, however, I focus on a different threat: the potential imposition of wage controls on nurses. Ans 8: In the above case study the conversation based on liable or negligence. As per the case study the nurse is liable for the patient treatment. Because the nurse have to treat the patient and give the care and good facility and services. In the sence of negligence the patient suffered with AIDS(HIV). So when nurse gp for her tea break she didn’t wash her hand. That is her negligences because it is not mention in case study if nurse wash her hand while she go for tea break. Ans 9(A): Duties: - Employees must be ready, disposed and able
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