Case Study Of Dacia Loga

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3.0 Target Market
The target market is a progress evaluating each segment and focus on a specific group of consumers to target to sell product and services (Entrepreneur, 2015).
3.1 Dacia Target Market
Dacia Duster is Sports Utility Vehicle which target for the off-road enthusiasts because of its automatic four-wheel drive, short first gear and Duster able to cope with toughest roads and track to contribute a great off-road performance. Dacia Logan MCV is a small family car and it is used to target for a family. It able to seat 5 people and it has more comfortable space and big luggage space to put the whole family luggage so it is suitable for a whole family drive for a travel. The engine of Logan is prepared to handle lower quality fuel so
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Dacia has done many advertisements and uses the low-cost idea to differentiate Dacia car. Dacia has successful giving mindset to the consumer about their brand are always deliver the lower cost price and offering and standard car .This advertisement has displayed their function cause Dacia able to maintain the special positioning in the market and gain a large market share. Moreover, Dacia is using the differentiated marketing because they keep manufactured vehicles and set up the different budget market. Each vehicle has its own target segment and target customer so differentiated marketing strategy assists Dacia become a big winner and gain more profit and market share from the different…show more content…
The brand is growing strongly in Turkey, Morocco and Romania, and Bulgaria(Renault, 2014). Therefore, Dacia keeps focusing on these geographical areas .Demographics refer a study population of age, gender, income, lifecycle to understand customer need and wants (Olah, 2015). Dacia have manufactured Dacia Logan MCV has five seats for small family and Dacia Sandero for the women. In Psychographic, Dacia is divided into different groups based on personality, attitudes, interests, and lifestyle (Grimsley, 2013).The people who are more sensitive to the price can choose for Dacia Sandero which is promoting price £5,995 (Lyndon, 2013).The person who is more concern on their safety will choose the car which have the airbag function to ensure their safety such as Dacia Duster. In behavioral segmentation, Dacia offers Duster for the people who like off-road and Logan MCV for long travel. Dacia uses differentiate strategy to help them become more

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