Case Study Of Danks

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INTRODUCTION This marketing plan is for Trinidadian’s chocolate manufacturer, Danks to get into the English market. Danks is competing in the premium chocolate industry and also in the luxury social goods industry. By going international, within the premium chocolate industry, Danks will be facing competition among global giants such as Cadbury, Ferrero Rocher and Lindt. The luxury social goods industry indicates that the product is used as a social tool instead of consuming by the buyer. The consumption is often occasion-oriented; anniversary, birthday gift and other social events. In this aspect, Danks will be competing against wines, flowers, and similar positioned chocolate brands and other substitutes. ANALYSIS OF MARKET SITUATION In…show more content…
Danks therefore decided to enter the English market with a joint venture with Associated British Foods. Danks has a unique, rich quality that is very rare and unmatched in today’s competitive English market and hence we plan to launch the stores of Danks café in England. THE 4 Ps PRODUCT -Danks will be launching its products which will vary from traditional premium chocolates because of its uniqueness and high, pure quality; coming from the Caribbean. -These products will be suited to the English palette; a taste of sophistication and class. -The rarity of premium chocolate from the Caribbean would help the product gather the required amount of footage and also familiarize the brand amongst the target market of consumers in London. -The product they face strict competition from is Lindt because of its Swiss origins and high quality and fulfills the gifting option. -Danks will be packaged to portray its exquisiteness and exoticness, adding value to the emotion behind offering such an exclusive…show more content…
The location of the shop is being selected to match the social status and brand positioning in London. -Also, Danks will send its sell force to other distribution channels such as high-end hotels (major target), in order to tackle more specific market segments. -The pull strategy will be employed as we will use “advertising, promotion, and other forms of communication to persuade consumers to demand the product from intermediaries” (Kotler, Keller and Kevin 2012). -Our product will stand out in the market as we are not targeting all segments of the market as the affordability of the product does not span across the entire market, and we have no intention of diluting the brand image by reducing the price and tarnishing the perceived image of the brand; it will be made accessible to only the target market. PRICE -The price of the product is set such that we penetrate the target market enough to build our set of loyal consumers, while maintaining a premium image as an exclusive product. -The quality of the product matches the value as it will also match the taste of the customers. -Danks’ price is however subject to change in terms of consumer demand or competitor
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