Case Study Of Debenhams

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1. Introduction:
This is an era of competition. Customers are available with wide variety of options and choices. Just one time dissatisfaction with one customer may cost the organization losing its group of customers because of faster communication and social media. Knowledge is wide spread, more transparent than before and is globally available. It is because of all these factors that ‘competition’ now has a new horizon and angles to be defined with. With all of these easily available information and facilities, customer becomes a key element to retain, satisfy, develop and pay attention to, for the smooth and successful running of business. Besides other factors like efficient supply chain, sound financial structure, good marketing team and progressive human resource there are other factors too, which may bring organization out of the ordinaries. These factors may be the niches of the core operations like managing inventory levels, maintaining optimum cash flows, providing customers with excellent customer
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It operates in 28 countries and has 240 stores over all. It is able to deliver in 70 countries with quick delivery time. It also provides with customer services but those are more likely to support them and are not services as in product. It has efficient delivery channels; it accepts returns and refunds, contains a buying guide on their site and keeps launching different types of competitions followed by prizes and in this way keeping up the interaction with customers on social media. It also invites online feedback from the customers (, 2015).
What gives strength to them is their strong communication and interaction with their customers. They do not skip any chance to interact with their customers. They have all the channels from online feedback to categorical blogs to discuss and share and a well developed social media network keeping up with customer’s responses and
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