Case Study Of Demi Lovato

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Case conceptualisation: Demi Lovato This case study focuses on Demi Lovato’s eating disorder. Here we study the presenting problem to her disorder, the history, the diagnostic, per DSM-5 and the interventions of the problem. Background of the Case Family history and early development Per the Famous People (2016), Demetria Devonne Lovato was born on 20 August 1992 to Patrick Martin Lovato and Dianna Lee Hart in Dallas, Texas. Demi’s mother, Diana was a country music singer and a cheerleader for the American football team ‘Dallas Cowboy’ while her father, Patrick played in a band. Demi’s parents divorced shortly after she turned two years old. She has two siblings, an older and a younger sister. Her older sister is Dallas Lovato, who is about five years older than her and a TV and movie actress. Madison…show more content…
She also cut herself as a way of expressing shame on her own body. Demi Lovato is good at manipulating others by keeping her disorder a secret by throwing herself into her works and never taking a break. Psychological Demi was often depressed and went into mania mood. She feels anxious after consuming food. Demi also engaged in substance and alcohol abuse. Cognitive Demi has a distorted image of herself where she always thinks she is fat and not worth it. History of presenting problem Demi Lovato developed eating disorder when she was about nine years old because of the bullying that she went through at school. She was called fat by the other kids without knowing the reason why they did that. Consequently, living in the environment where her mother too suffered from the same problem made her more susceptible to eating disorder. Demi Lovato in an interview said that her being on stage and judged by others also contributed to her problem.
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