Case Study Of Disruptive Innovation

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Summary The case study of “Disruptive Innovation” is a studying that concentrated and described an innovation as the affordable price products for people in the entire world to use. This research indicated about certain disruptive innovations such as the laptops, the routers, smartphones or desktop photocopier that are the substitutions for other companies’ commodities. Furthermore, Porter five forces strategy is a structure to examine the level of competition in today’s market and to make an improvement for the business strategy. Likewise, these forces are including: the threat of new entrants, when suppliers have power, when customers have power, the threats of substitutes and intensity of competitive rivalry. Therefore, this report was assigned to analyze Porter’s five forces strategy for applying toward the case of disruptive innovations and demonstrating on how it affects or relates to most of the companies worldwide.

Introduction Harvard professor named Clayton Christensen who is the author of
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He thought of this study because of the difficulty of today market’s products. Additionally, he gave the definition of disruptive innovation as the products that very affordable and simple for everyone to use. Nevertheless, as the companies concentrate to innovate faster than their customers’ requirement, most of them end up with the products that are too complicated and very high-priced to compete in the market. To observe the level of competition in today’s market and to make a development for the business strategy; Porter five forces strategy is the best approach to find out the solutions for this problem. Overall, to understand more clearly about this competitive environment that leads to disruptive innovation; all of the above report’s information has clearly shown about the analysis of Porter five forces strategy to this case
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