Case Study Of Dyslexia

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Dyslexia is a common issue within every school. If our students have dyslexia, we should not regard them as an unusual person since their intelligence is normal in fact. Many dyslexia people are highly creative in the visual arts, other in computing, yet other orally. (Pumfrey, 1990) Therefore, I think dyslexic students like a diamond in the rough, and they are waiting for the help and exploration of the teacher to make them be the success.
Toby, a form three student who has dyslexia, and I will study her case in the essay. There are several parts in the following paragraphs, including the factor of dyslexia, the learning difficulties of the case and the potential influence in learning and mental health, suggestion, and support for the case and the reflective summary.
What is dyslexia?
Regarding the data from the Digest of Education Statistics (2003), which separates thirteen categories of special needs for students who receive services
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We always attempt various teaching techniques for dyslexic students and believe their weakness of learning language can be improved by persistent training since we know practice makes perfect. However, dyslexic students may not easily achieve the requirement, and they may fail the task many times during the process. In the video, we can find that Toby started to have self-doubt because of the difference between her and her peers. If Toby keeps failing in her assessment and has no progress, it is not only damaging her confidence in the study but also the courage in facing for the further difficulty. Failing students need to cope not only with their own self-doubts but also with the knowledge that their poor progress, far from being a secret shame, often becomes a public failure (Gaines, 1989) As a possible result, she may have the negative reaction to anxiety, self-handicapping, and depression which makes her situation more
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