Case Study Of Electrolux Cleans Up

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Case 10.1: Electrolux Cleans Up

Introduction Electrolux cleans up is the largest domestic products manufacturing in the world, Electrolux has about 70000 employees around the world and in about 150 countries for making 14 billion euros in sales on 2005. The first challenging place for Electrolux is at the times that that Electrolux has decided to deprive its outdoor division. This is because a huge decrease sale in following is expected. At 1920s, Electrolux has been famous for their expertise in industrial design on product such as refrigeration and vacuum cleaner. The product was famous not only at their country Sweden but also at Germany, France and United State. A large amount of accumulated cash of the past, Electrolux decide to expend quickly through of acquisitions for more market share and diversification. In late of 20th century, Electrolux discovered new market in developing country when the market at the Western country are already have mature and showing the sign of going down. There are the three important issues in Electrolux Company, which is about break down barriers and communication, communication between department and how much teamwork and group being success.

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With the fierce competition threatening the success of Electrolux, the company upgrade their strategy by nominate Hans Straberg as the new Chief Executive. The strain on the company’s finances left, Mr. Straberg with no choice but he change the way Electrolux does business. The purpose of this case study is the way that and why Electrolux Chief Executive Straberg eliminate the barrier and increase the communication between department, identify the advantaged of Electrolux by having individuals from different department and functional areas work together on design the product and the way use group and teamwork to succeed in a competitive

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