Case Study Of Ethical Dilemma Of Apple Inc

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INTRODUCTION History Apple Inc. is a company that providing and selling technology and innovation. This company is mainly selling computer software, commercial servers and consumer electronics. This company was known as Apple Computer Inc. before they change to the Apple Inc. in 2007. The most famous product that Apple Inc. has been produced is iPhone, Macintosh computer and iPod. In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak build the company and it was located at Cupertino, California and their first product is Apple I. They drop from college and hope can make money when they build this company. Both of them started their business in the garage or basement. Even though it wasn’t a big success with their first product but they release a new product…show more content…
There were multiple cases of unethical behavior about Apple Incorporation. Firstly, employees must sign an anti-suicide contract before they can work with Apple Incorporation. This is because to ensure the employees will not attempt to commit suicide due to the large number of death in year 2011. According to the Chinese law states that workers only can work not more than 36 hours of overtime during a month but Apple Inc. make their employees work almost three times as much which is 98 hours per month. They only give their employees one day off every two weeks and the normal wages is $17-$22 a…show more content…
Before this story came out, no one knew of the horrible events that were taking place. Apple began this operation behind closed doors and as long as the public had no idea, they continued to operate in this manner. They disrespected the employees and made life hard for them. Apple ran these plants only for personal gain and to step on everyone who helped them along the way. They even lied to consumers by putting up the false front about being an ethical company. If they personally told the public about what they were doing, mostly no one would buy their products Ethical Theory 4: Virtue The final theory that Apple violated was the Virtue Theory. This theory states that one should do something in a virtuous and character-like way as well as abiding by the four virtues of courage, honesty, temperance, and justice. Apple had no courage to stop what they were doing because it was wrong and unethical. They were not honest to the consumers and the shareholders about what was going on. Temperance was violated because the amount of expectation for each employee was unreasonable. There was also no justice for the employees because Apple did not apologize or compensate them for their terrible

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