Case Study Of Flexiroam

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It infrastructure consists of a set of physical devices and software applications that are required to operate the entire enterprise. An IT infrastructure is also a set of firm wide services budgeted by management and comprising both human and technical capabilities. Flexiroam provide a good products and services to the customers such as providing them tracking system, proper operation of Flexiroam’s systems by employees and consultation on service providers to the customer. Flexiroam is an Australian-based telecommunications business, offering budget international roaming services and unlimited flat-rate voice for travellers from 8 different countries in over 200 different countries and territories around the world. Flexiroam provides breakthrough international roaming services which help to reduce expenses during the travelling. Currently, the company provide a revolutionary thin microchip called Flexiroam X which enables the customer to roam in over 120 countries without having to…show more content…
Agile marketing is an iterative approach to marketing strategies that models methodologies used in agile software development. With agile marketing, Flexiroam can identify and focus on high value projects, complete those projects, measure their impact, and then continuously improve results over time. The goal of agile is to make marketing departments more efficient and responsive to necessary changes in the marketplace. Flexiroam customer service management have the advantages on cost and price. As their company’s goal is to provide the lowest rate as compared to their competitors, they did not rely on other operator to facilitate the global roaming phone call. Instead, they scans multiple routing partners to select the best and cheapest wholesale partner to terminate a call or data service. As a result Flexiroam can offer subscribers a fixed daily rate and help avoid
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