Case Study Of Fn 504 - Resource Management

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FN 504 - Resource Management

This papers aim is to investigate the methods and processes related to resource management.
These are:
1. Identifying and plan resource needs to meet objectives
2. Selecting and using the resource supply chain to meet planned objectives
3. Monitoring and evaluating internal and external resource use to meet plans
The area of discussion within this paper is the creation of a new Scouting Dispatch Centre that would enable scout dispatchers to issue incidents to scout teams over a 24 hour period during a System Emergency (SE) within UK Power Networks (UKPN). UKPN has over 5000 employees who all have a storm role during a SE these range from Scouts to Call Handlers, Dispatchers, Senior Authorised persons (SAP) and field staff.
The aims/objectives that have been identified to create a fully functional and effective scouting dispatch centre are:
• The ability to have 60 dispatchers working at any one time
• Be fully equipped with phones/headsets
• PC’s
• Desks
• Chairs
• Upgrading the phone system
• TV for live weather updates

This data can also been seen within the balanced score card Kaplan and Norton, The strategy focused organisation (2001) Appendix B

1. Identifying and plan resources needed to meet objectives
“Determination of the quantity and timing of all of the production resources needed to produce the end items in a master production schedule” Gaither and Frazier and Frazier (1997)
The creation of a new

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