Case Study Of Fonterra

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Fonterra is a leading dairy company in NZ, that aims the utilization of the milk production among the native companies or suppliers. Also, they want to ensure that there will be a sustainable products that will be available not only for the general consumption but for different age group, purpose and the like.

Management Team plays a very vital role in an organization. Fonterra, like any other company, need to make sure that there will be a continuous increase in productivity, having a competitive price in the market, safe product usage through quality control check and most importantly making a continuous effort on its overall profit to sustain the business ( Fonterra planned to use an effective and advance technologies and
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Many now are becoming more and more health conscious and wanted to stay healthy or free from any diseases. However, there are thousands of dairy products globally therefore tight competition cannot be taken for granted. Aside from the known nutritional fact it can give, the company must have a solid plan as to how they can sustain their business. Advertisement for instance is one of the well used method that every company utilize to get the public attention. Some uses the internet to advertise their product and to make it more convincing, others hired and paid a famous artist to endorse it. Pay attention too, to the overall look or packaging of the product. There are some consumer that based their choice to the packaging of the product they buy. Furthermore, companies can actually collaborate to different wellness company that can tie up their product to their health program. Example, a maternity clinic, the doctor can recommend and prescribe the maternity milk to the pregnant woman. This work too, to a neonatal care where they can suggest the milk. Lastly, the biggest advantage you can make is to ensure the affordability of the product. Review the company's supply chain flow, determine which part of it you need to revise and reconstruct by doing such process you are maximizing your resources by not sacrificing the quality and most important of all is the price of your
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