Case Study Of Frappuccino Cake

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Frappuccino drinks are now a big trend when it comes to drinks and coffee. People now look for a different experience when availing a cup of coffee. They expect more from it now. Thus, Frappe-O-Cake is a coffee shop that is located at Fairview Quezon City which is a place well-known for the unique restaurants and stores. Frappe-O-Cake provides unconventional but exciting new flavors to your ordinary coffee. We will offer frappuccinos that will not only be loved by coffee lovers, but also be loved by dessert enthusiasts.
Frappe-O-Cake holds an innovation that combines the taste of great coffee and the sensation of a tasty dessert all in one cup of drink. A 16 oz drink will give you convenience in eating your favorite
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We have a number of ingredients that are needed for us to obtain a certain quality for our drink. To gain these ingredients, we connect to the suppliers for each key ingredient to control costs.
C. Employees Human labor is very important, especially since we are a product-service establishment. We will be employing only 1 staff to do the job of the barista or the mixer. Our front liner should be able to meet the customer expectation. This will be achieved through proper training and practice. The employee is one of the key tools for the success of our business.

II. Key Activities
A. Fliers To promote awareness, we pass fliers around the vicinity to potential customers. This may also result to an increase in sales if passed on to the right people.
B. Promotions We can use promos like “buy one take one” or “free drink per every 7th drink” to stimuli the customer buying power.
- Free Taste To give a brief sample, a free taste is given to people. A short interview is then conducted to extract the trier’s opinion.
C. Production To meet the customer expectation with regards to delivery, we have to control production and maximize the time given after the customer
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