Case Study Of Frrenzy

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Introduction of the company
Frenzy is known as an online sports accessories Destination that provides stylish latest sports accessories for both men and women. Frenzy is a newly introduced company founded in year 2016 by Mr. ABC who is passionate in fashion and conscious about the limited resources of the earth thus he came up with the idea of using high quality recycling cloths as raw material by hygiene them. Frenzy is an online based store so they don’t have any physical stores but they have factory and large warehouse in Malaysia. Today Frenzy online store offers quality and fashionable sports products which are Racquet Band, wrist band & wallet which are made of high quality of recyclable materials. Frenzy is an online platform that allow customers all around the world to do online shopping and purchase the sports apparels through frenzy online website. Frenzy makes lifestyle easer by allowing the customers to save their time and also save cost for their shopping experience with Frenzy online store. Besides that, Frenzy
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This has become Frenzy’s main competitive advantage over our competitors, online sports accessories retailers. This competitive advantage allows frenzy to attract environmental friendly customers. Besides that, frenzy fully operates through online store which lessens the cost of the company and is able to provide unique reasonable long lasting gears to the customers to choose. This is an advantage for the company as this can reduce the cost of a physical location. Next, Frenzy allows the return policy within 1 week of purchase. This is Frenzy’s strength because it can help to reinforce the customer’s trust and loyalty towards the products produced. Not only that, Frenzy focuses on social media advertising which can reach the target customer effectively and efficiently which reduces the cost for unnecessary advertising that can save the cost of the
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