Case Study Of Garmin Uses Technology Help Promote Collaboration Between Departments And Services

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The sum of many is always greater than the sum of one. Utilizing group think can position the company with a unique innovative idea. Currently Garmin uses technology to help promote collaboration between departments and also offices. There are multiple telecommunication technologies that allow for this to happen. At Garmin we currently utilize virtual teams in order to come together and accomplish multiple goals. These teams are designed in order to save the company on travel costs by giving the ability to work remotely via web meetings or conference calls. Garmin has done a great job of promoting these teams with video conferencing so that you get an understanding of who you are working with. Opportunities for Garmin in order to…show more content…
At this point in my experience with Garmin I would not have any additional recommendations for the company to improve upon it research and development area.
With the advancement of technology in the work place many analog tasks have been converted to technology which is aiding the advancement. Through almost all departments of the business technology has emerged as the key factor in future growth. I believe that throughout the proposal my suggestions will aid in the growth of the company in the following ways. Throughout this proposal I have put more ideas on the table. This effort is better than a group of like-minded individuals. I also included varied perspectives from different departments and segments of the business. By including employees, managers, shareholders and customers I have been able to give a clearer picture of the context and potential pitfalls. Working with multiple levels of the organization my proposal gains buy-in support from the primary stakeholders. These primary stakeholders have a lot to gain from increasing the technology impact with the business.
In the proposal for streamlining the technology suite for customer service, sales and marketing I believe that this would be fair for everyone. Meaning that he ends result would affect them all the same, giving each respective team more access and nimbleness to share information internally and externally. Within this proposal I

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