Case Study Of Glaxo's Marketing Ethics

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Ethics plays a crucial role in delivery of health services and healthcare system can’t be imagined without proper integration of ethical values in healthcare delivery system. Despite the central role, breach of ethical values is common occurrence in current medical system which results in devastating consequences for the consumers and diligent service providers. Every year we get to learn that billions are recovered by the government in health care related frauds and if we believe the experts the reported problem is just tip of iceberg. Fraud and cheating in healthcare system may be in multiple forms. The industry is replete with such examples, ranging from illegal prescription medications sales, overbilling to insurance frauds. In other words…show more content…
This is the largest sum paid by a pharmaceutical giant for settlement of fraud charges in the US history. But in Glaxo’s case what gets especially highlighted is its marketing ethics. The charge against its sales force was of bribing physicians for prescription of its drugs. The sales force of GSK offered the physicians incentives to prescribe GSK products as well as free holidays and tours along with additional funds to go on speaking…show more content…
Along with transparency and accountability the emphasis needs to be on ethical practices with regard to interaction with physicians. GSK’s culture is said to lay special emphasis on transparency. It describes its core values as transparency, respect for humanity, patient focus and integrity. But this act was in total disregard of its core moral values and ethical norms, which indicate that company, lost its focus on its culture. It is time that it should take a new approach to increase focus on its culture and also to improve the work culture. The biggest challenge before GSK in this case is changing work culture and proper soul searching by pharma

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