Case Study Of Glico

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The United States is a very big market and as Glico wanted to increase its sales and to expend its popularity throughout the world, in 2016 they chose the US market.
However, the US are not in rest concerning biscuits, we know Oreo, KitKat or Hershey’s.
Extending overseas represent a huge challenge, even more when it’s about conquering the 1st world power. Not any popular brand in the world came from Japan or Asia in general, most of them are American. Again, Glico had to rewrite it’s marketing strategy.
The name “pocky” was keep thanks to its English-friendly pronunciation as well as the packaging itself which is rather neutral.
They count on the fact their products are original, (chocolate coating technique patent) but copycat is still possible.
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Dance and music events using this catch phrase have been part of the “Glico Wagon” marketing campaign to create a real enthusiasm around the brand.
As Glico was originally based on “healthy” products, they try to keep this argument particularly relevant in the US, where obesity is the heaviest, and where people are eating a lot of snacks and Pocky-like products. Using this aspect, Glico hoped to be different from other companies especially competitors in the US by promoting products “good for health and good for heart”.
This way, Glico felt able to “contribute to the society in a positive manner” explained Katsuhisa Ezaki president and CEO of the company5.

Glico’s creator seems to be aware of the difficulty to sold their products, because we can live without cookies and chocolate, so by definition is more difficult to sell than some other products, but they want to try not to force people to buy their products, but to make people feel they want to buy it.5
In addition, in Japan the lack of birth is a problem for Glico’s baby formula. That’s why it can be a solution to start selling it in the US where baby formula is already popular (with brands such as Similac and Enfamil). To appeal to the consumers, they rely on a very high
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