Case Study Of Godrej & Boyce

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Godrej & Boyce

Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Godrej & Boyce) is the holding company of the Godrej Group that established in 1897 by manufacturing locks with high quality. Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Godrej were the founders of the company. Its headquarter is located at Pirojshanagar in Mumbai, India. It was known as one of the greatest privately held diversified industrial corporations in India (Godrej & Boyce, 2016).

Godrej & Boyce has 15 diversity of business division covering high quality of office, consumer, industrial products and services across the India and the world. It offers a wide range of businesses such as aerospace, appliances, AV solutions, batteries, construction, electrical and electronics, furniture, lawkim
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This was supported by Thomas Mandler that it is entirely impossible for the employer to prevent workplace violence and create a safe workplace environment (Deschenaux, 2015). However, the employer can minimise the workplace violence by having a policy that promotes zero tolerance on violence and creates awareness at the workplace. It is a sign that the company is creating a safe workplace environment for the employees.

Therefore, Godrej & Boyce’s preventive policy is a good way in protecting their employees against sexual harassment and thus creating a safe workplace for them. The policy has stated clearly the definition of harassment and it is an unlawful behaviour at the workplace, emphasizing that it is strictly prohibited at the workplace. Once the person who caught in such behaviour, actions will be taken against him. Furthermore, it has a detailed complaint procedure as a guideline to help those employees who experienced harassment incidents in order to solve their problems and take a prompt action against the perpetrator after the investigation. The establishment of harassment complaint procedure indicates that the company is taking every complaint seriously and ensuring every employee is having appropriate and professional behaviour at the workplace. So, the employees will feel comfortable working at the company even when there is any problem faced by them (“Identifying and preventing harassment in your workplace,”

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