Case Study Of Haigh 's Chocolates Sell This Wide Range Of More Than 200 Products At Its 14 Retails Outlets

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Haigh’s chocolates sell this wide range of more than 200 products at its 14 retails outlets based in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Alternate way of purchasing is by placing an order online where payments are secured by Pin Payments payment gateway or via the telephone. The products are not sold to wholesalers as the Haigh’s do not want to compromise with the services provided to its customers from manufacturing till retailing (Haigh’s Chocolates, 2015). The reason is clear after one experience the store visit where staff wearing white gloves make you buy their premium quality products held in wood cases and packed in paper bags at cash counters. Alister believes that a storefront will win you more fans and supporters than…show more content…
Hence, they price their products accordingly. The cost is settled with the classification of the items where the items are making the utilization of it. Along these lines they are settled with the decision of the clients and the law of supply and demand-chain is made applicable (Charan, 2009). A flat nominal rate of $15 AUD is charged for every delivery of online orders (Haigh’s Chocolates, 2015). 3.2 Promotion The main strategy that contributes towards boosting its sales is its exceptionally occasional reach for diverse packaging. But apart from that, there are several other measures followed in promoting the products in a sustainable manner. They introduce 6-8 new products every year, hold regular tastings at their stores at least once a month, choose product of the month which is certain to allure clients into the store (TEC The Executive Connection, n.d.). In reality it is a brand that can be found in totally every feature of the Haigh 's Chocolates business. Its logo is worn on the white shirts of assembly line labourers pretty much as it 's imprinted on each case and sticker in each store. However, the organization 's prosperity is not because of something as oversimplified as a flawless logo (Fanning, 2014). Apart from this, Haigh’s has such great brand recall and acknowledgment because of the solid, ideal and one of a kind brand affiliations; the 'brand image '. Less cash would need

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