Case Study Of Jababeka

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As we know that at the present time is globalization era, sales of every goods can move freely, especially in the business of land sales like Jababeka has about considerable competition. To survive in the competition, Jababeka has the right “strategy plan” that is in the field of operations, marketing, finance, production and the others. Jababeka supports management measures in the development that have an advantage in terms of land prices and what is needed by consumers. Meanwhile, Jababeka as an independent city in Cikarang which is the base of economic growth, provides opportunities in offering and providing a wide range of products that consumers need for both industrial, residential and commercial areas.
Test Market
Talking about the test market, strategy that used in marketing the product in Jababeka is a focus strategy, it means like the company choosing to serve a specific market by offering unique products in accordance with the needs
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Yes, Jababeka is one of the companies that have no prototype and test marketing. According to the company, one of the effective promotions in introducing a product to the market is to follow or hold exhibitions and seminars. With exhibitions, it can easily introduce new products and re-act to exhibitors from any form of response. Also, it can display the products in the exhibition and can show indirectly the statistical diagram that there is progress in Jababeka, because visitors can empathize and pay attention not start from your product but information of sales development, satisfaction from product in Jababeka, build image through information, product and response from visitors. It also aims to test sales during the exhibition. Jababeka has perspective that long-term success, should be tested with
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