Case Study Of Jarir Bookstore

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An introduction about the organization, where is located, what services or products does it provide.
Jarir bookstore considered to be one of the most famous company in Saudi Arabia.
It was established in 1979 by AlAGIL brothers, it has 34 branches in Saudi Arabia, 3 in Qatar, 2 in UAE and 1 in Kuwait.
It sells stationeries, toys, office supplies, books, school supplies, art, crafts, computers, smartphone, accessories, electronics and video games.
They have a very famous quote that became over the years of service as their mission “Jarir bookstore is not just a book store”.
One of its objective is provide to their customer superior products and high quality of services at the best price.
It uses technology to achieve its objective for example,
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E-commerce project:
E-commerce for individuals: B2C E-commerce
Jarir website provides browsing all displayed items in the stores, and check the availability of the products in all stores. The sales began through the website included smart phones and computers only. Jarir works to include other products.
E-commerce for companies: B2B E-commerce
Jarir signs a contract with a company specializing in e-commerce to choose a system that will be used. It’s one of the best global systems, and link it with the E-catalog system to update products on a daily basis. Jarir holds all details and the name of the system.
2- Marketing department:
There are many different advertising campaigns, to support Jarir application and Jarir e-reader. As well as the digital marketing through the social media, with a specialized e-marketing Saudi women team, to increase digital marketing campaigns beneficiaries of launching the website after it’s developed
Jarir is one of the leading digital marketing companies on Middle East in social media, and the best Saudi company that dealing with clients in social
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Jarir bookstore uses many techniques to markets their products. Jarir bookstore has many features, it serves all categories of people. Jarir markets for its products in many ways and applications. Jarir adverts for its products on Twitter and applications, and it has official accounts to contact with its customers. Also Jarir made up an application that customers can download on their devices. Jarir uses street advertising to attract people who are interested in these things. Jarir also puts advertising pages with newspapers so people can always be on update with what they

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