Case Study Of Kamal Textile Company

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Executive Summary:
This report is based on an interview conducted from HR Manager of SO KAMAL Textile Company. It is primary data collection and the main problem is that the Employee Policy and budget. Because SO KAMAL is not being able to give bonus to their employees, SO KAMAL also facing the difficulty of the erratic electricity and gas supplies in Pakistan. In this report their problems have been identified and recommendations are also given. If SO KAMAL Textile Company takes these recommendations in their organization, then surely the company will flourish and will move towards the success.

Introduction to the organization:
Kamal limited is one of the oldest and foremost textile manufacturing houses of Pakistan. Established I 1950
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Policy making for employees and budget distribution.
2. Erratic electricity and gas supplies in Pakistan, as well as by high energy prices, shifting policies and poor security conditions have brought a few difficulties to the organization.

The purpose of this report was to find out what is the biggest problem that the Kamal Textile Company was facing and how they were dealing with the situation and what steps they were taking to resolve the issue. While interviewing the HR manager, we come to know that they were dealing with the situations.

Scope and Limitations:
This report is going to be very important for the organization, as we have suggested many authentic recommendations in this report. Through our report the manager can get an idea how he can resolve these problems. We have also talked to some employees of the organization regarding what are the problems they are facing while working in the organization. Different employees have different problems but most of the employees are satisfied and happy with their jobs. But the other employees who are facing some problems, we have made some recommendations that the company can implement in their organization and prepared a report. These recommendations will surely improve the performance of the organization and they will become steadier in achieving their goals as this report is very beneficial for the organization. The most important problem that the employees are facing that the organization does not have any proper policy regarding them and it is very important to have this policy in the
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